Swim to Compete

The Club environment is the first step for many swimmers to experience the world of competitive swimming and it’s the perfect place for newcomers to get a taste of swimming in competition, alongside others with similar capabilities.

We understand that there are a wide range of competitions available for swimmers who want to compete and that’s why Active Swim Club Swimmers are encouraged to compete with passion, enjoy the spirit of competition and aim at achieving lifelong lasting results.

Ability Levels

Club Swimmers

Ideal class for club swimmers and those keen to develop good stroke technique

You have helped Emma so much - it's so lovely to see her more confident and happier in the water. Thank you for all your time and patience and great teaching.


Zach has really enjoyed his lessons and come so far since joining as a beginner. We really appreciate the support he has been given.


Thank you and all of your staff who have helped James over the years. It has been our great pleasure to watch you patiently and kindly working with him to get such amazing results. We wish all his teachers could be like you.


Alice enjoys her sessions so much and the relationship she has with her teacher is helping her to develop into a more confident individual.


Arthur had a great time swimming with you in the Easter holidays. His teacher was absolutely fantastic.


We really appreciate the various steps you are taking to help our children settle and make progress.

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